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Sista Sensi began her singing career in Montego Bay, Jamaica where she lived for many years. She has entertained both internationally and across the U.S. touring or opening for various bands (King Yellowman and the Sagittarius Band,Yabba Griffiths and Traxx, Tallawah, Black Star Reggae etc.), finally forming her own band, Sista Sensi and The B Easy Band in 2008. Over the years she has opened for or performed with Burning Spear, Yellowman, Eek-a Mouse, John Holt, Josey Wales, Steel Pulse, and a virtual host of the best of the best in reggae. She has recorded with King Yellowman, Josey Wales, Cutty Ranks, Big Youth, Mackie Conscious and Frank Aird and is currently in the midst of yet another collaboration with one of the original reggae/rocksteady pioneers and a true legend. Sensi says the greatest musicians have always stretched a hand to her and never worried about letting someone else shine, as they know they are great. She can be seen every winter at shows in her second home in Jamaica. Every spring she returns to Madison, Wi. in the U.S. and tours from there. Sensi is currently promoting her newest singles "Let Her Try" featuring the great Cutty Ranks and "No Jestering" featuring the legendary Big Youth which are receiving airplay in the U.S., France, and Jamaica. Sensi is a feminist who admires all musicians, but particularly women as she states it takes a lot of strength to be a woman in music. A talented songwriter whose music speaks about things she strongly believes in, her lyrics evoke a tremendous love and pride for Jamaica and her uncanny ability to bring to life vivid imagery of everyday living at its best and worst set her lyrics apart. Her songs have been sung by other artists worldwide. Her voice is clear and sweet and she avoids using artificial "effects" as she likes the purity of "real singing". She has donated songs to battered women's groups and NORML (National Organizing for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), Sensi is also very involved with her horses and other animals, feeling "at peace" when with them and is a crusader for kindness to animals. You may view her songs on CDBaby, Reverbnation, or SoundCloud.